Frank Lucas Of The Hair Industry!

The American drug kingpin Frank Lucas was known for changing the game in Harlem in the 1960's but cutting out the middleman and going straight to the source. While his product was heroin, Nicole from Regal Beauty Club (formerly known as My Regal Hair) took Frank Lucas's approach to source her hair extensions. She traveled thousands of miles to Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and other various countries in Asia. 

In the classic movie "American Gangster", the dramatic scene of Frank Lucas played by Denzel Washington show him in the Jungles of Asia being hands on, getting his product in the rarest form. Nicole went to the same extremes to ensure that she had the best product that was ethically source, and removing the middleman completely. Nicole believes that overseeing every step of your product development is key to having control over the quality, and price. Nicole began sourcing hair back in 2012. While many people go to visit factories, she took it a step further. She didn't want to see a finished product at the factory, she wanted to find the donor and cut it from her head herself. While that process can be dangerous due to it requiring you to be far away from civilization, she was the first brave enough to spend days away in the countryside and jungles to get her hands on the best. She gave up her hotel room for a hammock and took daily medication to prevent Malaria.  


Documenting her journey, and educating her peer definitely helped shift the industry. She speaks about studying the history of the "Greats". Contrary to popular belief, within his industry Frank Lucas was the best, and this young entrepreneur took a few lessons out of his book and applied it to her industry, making her the 1st African Americans to do so! Nicole now teach courses and  host sourcing trips to Asia to help other entrepreneurs source products using the Frank Lucas method. 


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