2019 Beauty Boss Sourcing Trip- Asia Edition

2019 Beauty Boss Sourcing Trip- Asia Edition

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TRAINING COURSE - BEAUTY SOURCING - November 11th-16th, 2019


For many, Beauty Expos are truly massive events.  

Let’s be honest, when someone first attends their first expo, they are overwhelmed. I know I was!

Regal Beauty Club has created this sourcing trip for women who desire to expand their knowledge and find innovative products and ideas to enhance their bottom line in this very competitive industry.

What To Expect:  

We find that many people call their first trip a 'practice trip'. Why? Because they find themselves spending all their time trying to wrap their head around logistics, suppliers, products, strategies and the sheer magnitude of learning what it means to find a source that is true to your brand. You will be given access to ALL THINGS BEAUTY, from, hair, hair dye, hair care tools, to perfume, makeup, lashes, and microblading products and so much more! Including access to the manufacturers of brands such as MAC, Nars and Makeup Forever. We will also have access to everything that is current in the beauty market and products that are yet to be introduced.   

MyRegal Beauty Club is committed to providing you with the tools and resources to make your first trip a success!

Our Promise:

All attendees will receive instant access to our private “Beauty Sourcing Training Course” upon arrival in Hong Kong, a 6-module course that includes -

• How to source beauty products from reputable suppliers (including printable scripts & worksheets to carry with you)

• How to communicate & negotiate with Chinese suppliers in-person

• Product development & differentiation.

Comparing and finding the best supplier for your brand & how to build relationships (including factory visits)

• Navigating & mastering the beauty expo (You will receive instant access to this private training program once your deposit is completed.)

*Please note that the price of this trip includes: The cost of your flight, hotel, ground transportation for scheduled events and the expo entry fee. The $700.00 deposit is non-refundable.*

 Daily Itinerary:

Day 1: Arrival!  Shuttles will be provided to your hotel to check in and freshen up. We will have dinner and get to know each other. 

Day 2: Breakfast, Beauty Boss Expo Prep (explaining how to quickly vet and examine the suppliers). In this session, you will learn everything you need to know to extract maximum value out of your Beauty Boss Expo experience. We promise to show you the trade secrets that you will not find anywhere else - From how we brainstorm products, determine how profitable each product is, to negotiating with suppliers & working out private label customization. 

Day 2-5:  It’s now time to have fun. You'll have the opportunity to meet with thousands of suppliers & see their product samples live. You'll be able to forge relationships instantly (no more 5-days of emails), and you can even work out custom deals/arrangements with each and every supplier you meet.

Day 6: It’s time to pack up and head back to the States. We will have a webinar to talk about all of the things that you’ve learned and to begin planning your next trip.

With all you've learned over the past few days, you'll find more product opportunities in 1-hour than you've seen in your entire career! This Beauty Expo will be life changing. 

Our Mission:

We are committed to a week-long sourcing trip where you will be inspired and empowered to claim your seat at the table. Our desire is that attendees will leave empowered and equipped to take control of their vision as entrepreneurs!

For all inquiries, questions and concerns, please email : info@myregalhair.com. We will respond to your email within 48 hours. 

Disclaimer: As an independent sourcer, travelers assume complete and full responsibility for, and hereby release the Regal Beauty Club from any duty of, checking and verifying any and all passport, visa, vaccination, or other entry requirements of our destination, and all safety or security conditions at said destination, during the length of the proposed travel. Please visit the State Department website here for any questions. 

Also be sure to inform your bank/creditcard representatives for your upcoming travel. 


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