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CEO, Mary Martin

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Black girl magic has been sprinkling her pink glitter all over the beauty industry. Social media outlets like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and even Facebook have allowed black women entrepreneurs to stand tall on these platforms and push their products to consumers who are almost always in search of the next best thing! I was so graciously granted the opportunity to be introduced to one of those noisemakers who is making her way to the top with her gorgeous Matte lipsticks and gorgeous long-lasting lip gloss that she prides on being vegan and cruelty free Yes! No animals were harmed when making these products. Mary Martin Founder of “Lovengood Lips” shared her brand with me that of which was born back in early 2017. Mary has worked and continuously works diligently to make dreams a reality. I placed an order super anxious and excited as Mary has done an amazing job with her branding her website and social media outlets are adorned with gorgeous women of various skin complexions wearing different gorgeous shades of lipsticks! I ordered Escape which is a beautiful deep matte plum color, Love Jones a beautiful bright red and not for the faint at heart and my favorite thus far a bonus that Mary gifted me, Wanderlust a gloss with a lovely tint that’s perfect when you’re going for a more subtle look!  

With Mary residing in Virginia I was unable to sit down over lattes but she was so cooperative in providing My Regal with the inside scoop on things!





CEO Mary Martin States:  

“I fell in love with cosmetics at an early age. As a child, I remember doing Karaoke with my cousins for our family gatherings and I’d be the only one dripping lip gloss. I had the scented $.99 roll on tubes to the premium, thick MAC lip glass in the squeeze tube with the round top. I was a Make-Up Artist for AbstraKt Entertainment in college and did anything from everyday glam to themed full face production. I graduated Virginia State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Marketing and business came natural to me I had never run my own but always gave advice and business assistance to my entrepreneur friends and knew it was time to take the leap. I wanted to start a line of cosmetics that were affordable, nontoxic, and domestic. I was intrigued by the affordability of one of my favorite (at the time) brand lip- product and business model and wanted to do the same but offer better quality. Women want to feel and look beautiful but often time stray away from colors and products that they’re unfamiliar with. As a small business, this was the most exciting part because I get to introduce women to new colors, pushing them beyond their comfort and getting them to tap into that inner confidence. That’s what Lovengood Lips is about; bold colors and products that evoke confidence and sensuality for women of all shades”

I asked Mary a few questions about her goals and how she feels social media has played a role in the success of her brand.

How large of a role has social media played in your exposure and sales?

“Social Media has played a significant role in exposure but I believe word of mouth has been the driving factor of my consistent sales growth. I look at each post as my time to share something new with our customers, I get so excited when I see people in our Lippies”



What are some of the organizations that have benefited from your generous donations?

 Lovengood Lips is a Lip Cosmetic Line that caters to the everyday woman and gives back to our community and beyond. Since we’ve launched we’ve donated to families in need of school supply assistance, teachers to assist them with classroom supplies and decorations for the students, Lupus Foundation of America- DC/MD/VA, Susan G. Komen – Tidewater, and a mom-- who was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer and we’re looking for organizations and non-profits to assist in 2018.


Where do you see Lovengood Lips in five years?

I see Lovengood Lips as a house hold name. In addition to the website, I have a team of five lip consultants who host in home lip parties and sell our products on a commission basis. My two-year goal is to grow that team in 5 states to expand and reach women all over, one lip at a time!


Mary is well on her way to reaching all of her goals! My Regal Beauty gives her FIVE Stars and look forward to seeing how her brand flourishes over the next five years!

Mary Can be reached on the following social media outlets:




Stay Fearless



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  • I’m so proud of my cousin ! She makes her success look effortless ! Proving that people don’t have to see when your moving ! Just the fruits of your labor !

    • Melica bennett
  • Its just Beautiful.

    • Dorothy Rivers