About Us

Regal Beauty Club stands behind providing Quality, Durability, and Versatility!



Regal Beauty Club specializes in providing 100% natural, top-quality virgin human hair sourced from around the globe. With a hands-on approach to sourcing and collecting, our team ensures authenticity while directly compensating donors, empowering them to support their families. Offering both double drawn and single drawn hair, we tailor our selection to meet the unique requirements of each client, staying updated on the latest trends and hair technology. Understanding the natural essence of hair, we prioritize selecting youthful and healthy donors to guarantee longevity and versatility in our products.

Our extensions boast a lustrous, tangle-free quality, reflecting our commitment to excellence. Untouched by harsh chemical treatments, our hair is nurtured with natural herbal oils, allowing you to treat it as you would your own hair. From dyeing to blow-drying, flat ironing, washing, and perming, our extensions maintain their original beauty through it all. With distributors spanning the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Central America, Regal Beauty Club brings premium hair solutions to clients worldwide.