How One Girl Boss Vowed To Create Other Girl Bosses To Join Her On The Quest Of Dominating The Beauty Industry.

While we know that Nicole the CEO of My Regal Hair is busy with running her business, we wanted to catch up to see what should we expect in 2018. 


We've seen My Regal Hair go through a lot of transitions. What should we expect to see from the brand?

Entrepreneurship is by far my most challenging adventure. Add on two kids and I'm constantly pulling out my hair. In 2018 I'm working on balance. I want to produce more content and engage with my supporters more than I have been in the past. I've realize that I must pace myself. Expect faster shipping, quality hair, productions, events, and sourcing trips.

What made you start your brand?

What made me start my brand was that I wore hair. I simply got tired of purchasing crappy hair. I was a senior in college, and my neighbor at the time had a hair company back in her country. I got introduced to raw hair and purchasing in bulk from her. I simply saw an opportunity to offer decent hair to my friends and family. 


You are known for going to the source, what made you hop on a plane and go to Asia?

That's simple. When doing business you need to be face to face with the person you are doing business with. Business is essentially a relationship. I personally didn't want to waste money with things being hit or miss. You break bread with those you do business with. There is nothing like going to the source and seeing everything from A-Z for yourself! I felt that I needed to see how business is handled on that end. So I grabbed my passport and hopped on a plane. 


We want to know more about your sourcing trip to Asia. What inspired that idea?

While traveling in Asia I went to an expo and saw that their were about 15 brown girls amongst thousands of business owners. I stood in the conference hall in disbelief. I thought to myself that "we are simply consumers in this billion dollar industry". I vowed to bring girls who wanted to be in beauty back to Asia. I vowed to help produce producers vs consumers. There were suppliers that couldn't even believe that I came from the states to visit them. Why were they so shocked? Due to lack of information the African American consumers have made a lot of people rich. Start your own! 


How many trips do you see yourself hosting, and how many people do you expect?

In 2018, I've planned 2 trips. One in the spring, and the other in the fall. The trip is for 15 people

What can people expect?

This will be a life changing experience. Changing your mindset from consumer to producer is life changing in itself. They will never look at things the same ever again. The Asian culture is also an unique one to explore. I'm personally very hands on, and I read a lot so everyone will be required to read a recommend book to promote new thoughts and dialogue. This is all about pushing each other to new heights. I simply plan to pour my all into them and in itself is priceless. You can't put a price on that. They will be equip with the tools to thrive. Furthermore they don't have to make the same mistakes that I made.


Will you tap into other regions outside of China?

Absolutely! There as so many places to explore in Asia.


How can people sign up or find out more info?

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