Secret Techniques to Maximizing All-day Foundation Wear

Guess I’m not the only one who can physically feel and see foundation breaking apart throughout the day? Either due to the weather, oxidation, or skin type – trying to keep foundation smooth and lasting all day is something I struggle with all year round.


The Second Skin Primer Drops from the Rose Face Collection is a face primer serum that’s been developed precisely for these types of concerns. Also known as a “pore defense primer serum”, these weightless drops prep skin for foundation to better adhere to your skin and smoother application.



This primer is available in 2 different skin boosting formulas:


Second Skin Primer Drops || Mattifying: Best oil control primer for acne prone skin and oily skin – this foundation primer balances the production of sebum and oil and leaves you with a natural, matte finish.  The days of reapplying your foundation are over.


Second Skin Primer Drops || Hydrating: Our best hydrating primer and the best primer serum for dry skin that creates a glowy and dewy finish.  This nourishing primer primes skin with sunflower, grapeseed, and sweet almond oils.  Say so long to dry patches and dull skin.


How to use primer serum?

 Drop the serum directly onto face after skincare and before applying any makeup. Or upgrade your foundation into a ‘serum primer foundation’ by mixing foundation with primer. 



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