Sexual Assault, Darker Skin, Public Scrutiny..... We're Going to Need More Wine..

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November Book of the Month:

We’re Going to Need More Wine written by: Gabrielle Union





By: LaShena Cross

I as a self-proclaimed writer always pride myself on my ability to be what I like to call “beautifully transparent.”  I dig deep inside of the dark crevices of my secret place and tell it all in the 140 characters Facebook or Twitter would allow. I’ve shared stories of unrequited love or told what I thought were detailed descriptions of failures and triumphs. However, in We’re Going to Need More Wine, Gabrielle Union gives a whole new meaning to the words “raw” and “transparent”.  Webster so eloquently defines transparent as: one having thoughts, feelings or motives that are easily perceived or two: being open to public scrutiny. Gabrielle Unions motives were crystal-clear way before I got deep into chapter 2, she was telling her story to inspire and to encourage.  Throughout her memoir, she shares brutal truths about suffering through the numbing pain of heartbreak and describes the brokenness she experienced during an instance of sexual assault. She empowers everyone particularly women, with the tales of being the darker skin woman, that story even took me back to fifth grade when Franklin called me a black cock roach and everyone roared in laughter.

What’s so amazing is that we look at Gabrielle Union and she seems like perfection, with her beautifully blended family, her gorgeous husband and thriving show Being Mary Jane, that airs on BET that of which pulls us in deeper with each season.

In her book she invites us down her memory lane into tales of childhood, truths about her parents’ divorce and her struggle with learning to love herself in a community that didn’t encourage her to do so.

 Union bares it all, knowing that she would be uncovered by telling her stories of both losses and gains. I know I speak for all the women who have ever underwent anything that was meant to break them, whether it was a heartbreak from the him that you just knew was the one, or the tears you cried because your body failed you again and you miss-carried. Gabrielle Union shares each one of her stories with so much poise and grace. We are giving “We’re Going to Need More Wine” five wineglasses, a huge thank you and peace and blessings to her as she continues to strive for excellence. She has most definitely made her marking on the literary world.


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