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Why would I want to join?

We have proven ourself to be an awesome company. You will earn 10-15% commission from sales generated through our links on your website/social media platforms. Our popular products along with customer service makes us one of the most popular extension companies on the web. In addition the content that we provide is attractive, adding to the value and appearance of your site. We update our creative content frequently to help keep the look of your site fresh, attractive, and current.

How do I get started?

Simply read the My Regal Hair Affiliate Agreement and then apply online. Once your application has been reviewed you will receive an email notification to let you know if your were approved or denied. If approved you will be sent a library of graphical buttons, banners, and text messages. These can be added to your site or email communication.

How much does it cost?


What type of sites qualify?

Almost any type of site will work. Our program is open to USA-based sites with some limited exclusions. We cannot accept sites that contain adult, hate, or otherwise offensive content. Also, we strongly prefer sites that are easy to navigate and professional in appearance.

My site is nonprofit. Can I become an Affiliate?

Yes, we welcomes the opportunity to work with qualified non-profit companies. When submitting the application, please supply us with your not- for-profit tax identification.

Help! I can't find the answers in the FAQ. Who do I contact?

Please contact



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