Wasted Thousands On Hair Extensions

 Between being cheated through the chinese websites, and being fooled by marketing you've  roughly spent a little over $3,600.00 a year. Thats on the low end. If you calculate $300 for twelve months that will put you to that $3,600.00 mark, and thats not including the cost of getting your install done.  So the thought of purchasing hair, and paying to get it installed for it to tangle and mat is simply absurd.

I would personal visit various hair related groups and get turned off immediately. From people simply misleading group members, to others giving Aliexpress names of vendors they haven't tried. SIGH!  Playing Russian Roulette with your hard earned money. Lets be frank. Anyone can order hair and slap a label on it and ship it out. How can they guarantee anything? 

Many consider My Regal Hair a hidden gem. Catch me if you can. I've honestly engrossed myself so deep into the hair industry that I regret not getting a degree in International Relations. Education is key for me. I'm obsessed. I've studied under orthodox jews, learning how to make custom shetels (wigs).

Going a tad bit deeper. I grabbed my best friend and dragged him on an adventure that he will never forget. HAIR COLLECTING!!!

Lets be clear,  hair collecting and visiting a factory are two completely different things. Visiting a factory?- Well you have a destination where you can see how the hair is produced. Hair collecting, you must find the source! Finding the source isn't easy at all. Try to wrap your head around this timeline.

Pack up and checkout of whatever hotel we were in.

Take a mini motorbike course. (Ok so the leading cause of death is caused by the motorbikes)

Drive hours to the countryside to find donors. I'm not exaggerating when I say "hours".

Lets talk about the food situation. The options are slim to none. Im not a fan of dog, and we are miles away from any sort of restaurants. So sticky rice, sunflower seeds (I packed them), and coconut water? We also tried some of the local snacks.

Hakunah Matata? Right you have to see it to believe it. So we traded in the hotel for a hammock! I went light on the coconut water during the evening because there was no way that I was getting out of my hammock in the middle of the night. My bladder had to survive until dawn. I must say that I'm being modest with the details. Think about the lack of water, and not being able to wash my hands. There were some points when I felt like the hand sanitizer was no longer working. 




So back to looking for donors. There is so much that goes into this. I will get more in depth on our youtube channel. Eventually we come face to face with our donors. While this looks so barbaric, It's authentic. Once we are done collecting, then we get to sit in the factory, and the work continues. 














This is what arrives at your door.

Clients have had our hair for years!! When I say that, I mean it's  not one of those scrap hair bag situations. They have luxurious reusable hair that they would go to war over. Ive literally done all of the hard work, so that you can enjoy your investment!


visit www.myregalhair.com for authentic virgin hair.

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  • hello please do you deliver hairs in africa???

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